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Urbanity is a boutique brand marketing consulting firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia And Chicago, Illinois. Serving Clients Throughout The United States. Based out of cultural epicenters of America where trends are created by an ever-growing popular music and media culture, sports are synonymous with breathing; urban living influences the masses and consumers are wired and savvy. We specialize in: Brand Development & Positioning , Brand Marketing , Digital Strategy, Advertising, Strategic Planning, Media Relations And Crisis Communications. In today’s evolving marketplace, what appeals to your target one day may be obsolete the next. What’s hot, influential and relevant one quarter may be passé the next. It’s essential for businesses to partner with a brand marketing firm that keeps their brands a step ahead of the competition by aligning them with industry trends , their identified sales moment and the consumer’s conversations.

Brands are no longer just competing against other brands in their industry for market share; they are competing against everything in existence for consumer mindshare. We lead our partners into the future by helping them uncover new possibilities to grow market share and make their brands a part of their consumer conversations off and online. We help them create events and digital & traditional content driving connections that favorably position their brands to engage their consumers in meaningful and relevant ways.

Urbanity provide solutions to companies and individuals with outsourced brand marketing, digital, advertising and promotional needs. With a strong understanding of the traditional, digital and social marketing environment across devices and channels in a rapidly evolving marketplace; Urbanity guides businesses in developing new ways to bring value to their brands, garner larger market share and engage their consumers. With our expertise, resources and relationships, we provide a roadmap for our clients that promote strong brand positions and integrated, digital and traditional marketing strategies through a balanced mix of market research, strategy, creative design and go-to market- tactics.

In today’s evolving marketplace, what appeals to your target one day may be obsolete the next. What is hot, influential and relevant one quarter may be passé the next. It is essential for businesses to partner with a brand management firm that keeps their brands one step ahead of the competition by aligning them with the future of their industry and capturing their identifiable sales moment. We lead our partners in becoming more visible and favorable, as audience’s expectations have become more sophisticated and consumers are more informed and discerning. At Urbanity, our business is brand marketing our client’s business.


Our Services

We are a brand marketing agency with a passion for Strategy, Clean Design and creative Story telling.

Brand Development and Positioning/Repositioning

Marketing begins with the brand. Clients marketing and advertising efforts are only as trustworthy as the brand it represents. The most effective branding programs provide a ubiquitous, single-minded focus to all internal and external communications for the brand. An identifiable synergy among the product or service’s market position, business culture, presentation style and marketing and advertising efforts are essential.

  • Brand Identity Creation (logo, website and social social media design)
  • Strategic Planning (brand building and positioning tactics)
  • Build and Manage Strategic Relationships

Brand Marketing

We are our client’s partners as they evolve and grow in the marketplace. We create and employ marketing plans that build brand equity and promote brand awareness by utilizing whatever marketing avenue it takes to most effectively do the job. No matter what industry our clients are in, we listen and research to determine the most effective mix of integrated marketing components to tell their story, enhance their brand value and create positive buzz through every channel of the initiative. Our strategic partnerships in the entertainment, sports and urban arenas allow us to create partnerships that place our client’s products in the hands of tastemakers and influencers from every genre.

  • Identify Target Markets, Segments & Niches
  • Create Marketing Plans
  • Implement Special Events, Promotional Executions & Product/Service Launches
  • Identify Corporate Sponsorship Partners
  • Create & Implement Community Awareness Campaigns
  • Create Content That Creates Market Buzz

Digital Strategy

At Urbanity, we aim to provide ground-breaking web solutions for clients from different industries. Combining creativity, a brand voice and a strategic approach, we ensure  clients get cutting-edge web solutions implemented to drive th businesses growth to achieve their maximum potential. We work with a pool of highly skilled web developers, digital marketing experts, writers, multi-media managers and  technical experts, to offer innovative and customized digital solutions to each client.

  • Web Design And Ecommerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing (PPC)
  • Content Marketing
  • Reputation Management



Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is lifeblood of brand differentiation.  It is the working vision that embodies their mission in ways that help our clients clarify what their company will and won’t do; capture that strategy in the brand’s culture and implement a marketing communications plan around.

Media Relations & Crisis Communications

A strong media relations plan is important to generating the right kind of publicity for your brand. No matter the size of your organization, the relationships you cultivate with media representatives are among the most valuable for promoting public awareness and increasing your brand’s return on investment (ROI).

An important part of brand management is an organizations ability to protect the brand it works diligent to build. Having a strong crisis communications plan insures the brand is prepared in case a significant event that prompts public, often sustained, news coverage and public scrutiny and has the potential to damage the institution’s reputation, image or financial stability occurs.


An important part of marketing is an organizations ability to invite as many potential clients to experience the product or service in ways that speak to them in authentic  and creative ways that resonates with them

  • Television Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising



What We Do

The more identifiable your personal brand is, the easier your for those you resonate with and believe what you believe to find, support or do business with you.

We help our clients identify, research, understand and commit to staying abreast of what their target market or ideal client cares about, needs or wants.

We guide them in offering their market a brand promise that delivers on their desires; while, distinctly separating the brand from other brands offering the same or similar products or services.

We assist clients in creating and providing clear, creative and consistent communication messages across all their digital, social and traditional marketing, advertising and promotional communication channels.



Meet The Team

We Believe in a diverse range of Talent to bring Innovative Thinking, Creative Skills and Executable ideas to the table.

Courtney Rhodes
Courtney Rhodes

Courtney Rhodes

Nicole Mitchell
Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell

Creative Director
Amanda Hall Massey
Amanda Hall Massey

Amanda Hall Massey

Social media Dirctor
Amber Sumrall
Amber Sumrall

Amber Sumrall

Marketing Coordinator
Courtney Rhodes

Courtney Rhodes

Nicole Mitchell

Nicole Mitchell

Creative Director
Amanda Hall Massey

Amanda Hall Massey

Social media Dirctor
Amber Sumrall

Amber Sumrall

Marketing Coordinator

Branded Events

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse Some Of Our projects below.

Wade Ford: Summer Concert Series

Dream Big Conference

Wade Ford’s Grand ReOpening

Anthony Liggins Gallery 88 Opening

Westside Cultural Arts Center

Twelve Studio Celebration

Buckhead Bottle Bar Relauch


Contact Us

Media contacts and general inquiries may contact Urbanity Communications by completing the form below or by emailing us at crr@urbanitycommunications.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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